Member Makeover 24: Jim Noble

As a veteran broadcaster you have years of valuable experience, but what if it’s not the right experience for the job you want?

In this Member Makeover, Jon reviews the demo, resume, and job market strategy of Jim Noble, Radio & TV Broadcaster in Charlotte, NC.

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Interview: Joe Hunk, Sports Radio 740

This month’s interview features Joe Hunk, Program Director/Host at Sports Radio 740 in Montgomery, AL. We cover a lot of ground as Hunk shares his radio philosophy and why it doesn’t include hot takes, the checklist he made for a potential spouse, and the two things a Program Director wants.

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Member Makeover 23: John Ramey

Do ever wonder why employers with major college PBP jobs don’t seem to take your job applications seriously, despite your level of experience? Some simple changes in strategy will go a long way toward making your value and experience shine.

In this Member Makeover, Jon reviews the demo, resume, and job market strategy of John Ramey, Play-by-Play Broadcaster at UCLA/UC Riverside in Los Angeles, CA.

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Group Critique 9: Fall 2016

Fall and football are synonymous in this quarter’s group critique. This all play-by-play critique session features football and a few pinches of basketball to add spice.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • When to include the play clock during football PBP
  • A Kevin Harlan-esque example of PBP description
  • The PBP components that are like chocolate and peanut butter
  • A good example of shifting energy from third to fourth gear
  • The element you should never include on a PBP demo

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Member Makeover 22: Sean Gibson

Moving from high school to Division I play-by-play seems like a huge hurdle when you’re unsure of the intermediate steps you need make to reach your goal. If that’s you, the good news is that you don’t need to wait for the right opportunity to start making progress.

In this Member Makeover, Jon reviews the demo, resume, and job market strategy of Sean Gibson, Play-by-Play Broadcaster at WFSC/WNCC in Franklin, NC.

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Following Up Your Application

For any application, always be being politely persistent. If the employer isn’t going to hire you, make them tell you no.

Pick up the phone

DO: Call the employer roughly one week after submitting your application. Whether you get them or their voice mail, you want to state to points in 30 seconds or less:

  1. What it is about that employer that makes you want to work for them.
  2. Your relevant experience.

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