Interview: Darren Smith, XX Sports San Diego

Darren Smith is one of the great interviewers in sports talk radio. In this STAA exclusive, the afternoon drive host at XX Sports Radio San Diego details some of his strategies. He also shares tips for developing trustworthy relationships with players and coaches, and for incorporating social media into your broadcast.


Interview: Bruce Gilbert, CBS Radio

One of the most brilliant minds in sports talk radio is Bruce Gilbert, VP News/Talk/Sports CBS Radio Dallas. He is also my former boss at ESPN Radio Network. In this “must see interview” for sports talk hosts, Bruce discusses what makes a good storyteller, how sports talk hosts can get to know their audience, why PPM has been good for the sports talk industry, and how and when to handle salary negotiations. Even if you’re not a sports talk host, there is some outstanding info in here for you.


Interview: Zach McCrite, 107.7 The Franchise-OKC

One of the easiest ways to build your sports talk ratings (and put money in your pocket) is by keeping your audience listening longer.

In our feature interview this month, sports talk host and STAA client Zach McCrite of 101 ESPN St. Louis discusses how to execute great teases. He also shares tips for how to prep smart for your show and how to use social media to improve your show.