These resources will help you improve your PBP whether you are calling high school football or major college.


Keys to NFL-Caliber Football PBP

Learn the keys to NFL-caliber football play-by-play.

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STAA Play-by-Play Pyramid

Use the STAA Play-by-Play Pyramid to build your football broadcasts from the foundation up or use the pyramid as a self-critique guide.


Group Critique 7: Spring 2016

The spring quarter group critique will help you grow with evaluations of play-by-play and sports talk. PBP evaluations include basketball, baseball, and football.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A great example of conveying drama in baseball PBP
  • How long you have to catch a listener’s attention in sports talk
  • A crucial editing tip for demos (PBP or sports talk)
  • When to reference the shot clock
  • Why you need to include uncut segments on your demo


Group Critique 6: Winter 2016

This quarter we are all play-by-play, all the time. On the radio critique includes football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. On the TV side Jon critiques basketball and wrestling play-by-play.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why you should always give the Down/Distance/Yard line at the end of a play
  • One thing you should never include on a PBP demo
  • A common mistake in baseball play-by-play
  • Why you need to be careful about the audio quality of your demo


Group Critique 4: Summer 2015

It’s an all-radio critique session this quarter! Jon reviews baseball, basketball, sports talk, and football.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to find a balance between tracking on-field action and adding superlative info
  • How to get pristine audio quality for your demos
  • Why you need to vary your energy level
  • A professional way to call out bad officiating
  • Why you need to be consistent in identifying pitch type and location
  • A great example of making sports talk relatable


Interview: Joe Davis, ESPN

One of the fast-risers in the TV sportscasting industry is ESPN play-by-play voice Joe Davis, a 2010 graduate of Beloit College in Wisconsin. In this STAA interview, Joe shares how he achieved his rapid rise to ESPN, tips on working with and without a color commentator, and advice for young broadcasters on how to network for a successful career. (Note: Joe Davis is now with CBS)