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How To Land a Job In Your Local Market

While you can land a sportscasting job anywhere, your value is highest in your local market. Learn how to land local sportscasting jobs, including sports talk show hosting, reporting, update anchoring and play-by-play.

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andy masur

An Interview with Andy Masur, Former San Diego Padres Broadcaster

For most, sports broadcasting is like pro coaching: you are hired to be fired. Former San Diego Padres Broadcaster Andy Masur shares a candid look at what it’s like to lose your job, and how to pick yourself up and get back on the market.

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Tips on Applying for MLB, NFL, NBA & NHL PBP Jobs

Discover more than one dozen tips from directors of broadcasting with Major League Baseball and NFL teams that have made hires in recent seasons. Learn what impressed them and what turned them off about how sportscasters approached the application process for these elite jobs.

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Get Your Emails Read

Learn suggestions and techniques to maximize the likelihood that your emails to employers will be read and replied to.

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Interview: Mel Proctor, Former MLB Baseball TV Broadcaster

Mel Proctor is the former TV voice of the Orioles, Padres, Nationals and Washington Bullets, among other teams. He is also the author of I Love the Work But I Hate the Business. In this interview Mel shares how he balanced family and a career on the road, why a sense of humor is crucial to a sportscasting career, how to handle executives who don’t know broadcasting, and more.

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Interview: Mick Gillispie, Tennessee Smokies

Tennessee Smokies Director of Broadcasting, Mick Gillispie, shares the factors he looks for when hiring a broadcasting assistant, how older sportscasters should approach applying for minor league jobs, and why broadcasters just entering the sportscasting job market should attend Baseball’s Winter Meetings.

Plus, Gillispie evaluates the pro’s and con’s of staying in minor league ball and suggests an alternative career strategy for getting to the majors.

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Live Chat [Replay]: 5 Job Market Variables You Must Control

Employers’ hiring decisions are influenced by countless factors that are beyond your control. However, there are five variables in the job market that ARE within your control. Assuming you have the experience and ability to handle the jobs for which you are applying, if you are not hearing back from employers, you are probably dropping the ball in at least one of these five areas. In Friday’s chat, we’ll examine them one at a time.

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Live Chat [Replay]: How to write an effective cover letter

I hear almost daily from sportscasters who aren’t getting call backs from employers despite having the requisite ability and experience. Many times, these folks are sabotaging their candidacy before it even begins by writing poor cover letters. You only get one chance to make a first impression. In this chat you will learn how to write effective cover letters, and the handful of common mistakes to avoid.

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