STAA Sports Talk Pyramid

The STAA Sports Talk Pyramid will help lay a strong foundation for your sports talk show. You can also use the pyramid as a self-critique guide.


Video: Keys To Network-Caliber Sports Talk Show Hosting

This presentation of the STAA Sports Talk Pyramid features audio examples of techniques and strategies to turn your show into a ratings and revenue generating machine.

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Supercharge the Entertainment Value of Your Sports Talk Show

Giving your listeners something they can’t hear anywhere else is the key to your success. Discover how to entertain your sports talk audience.

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Instantly Increase Your Sports Talk Ratings

Learn how to increase your TSL – Time Spent Listening – the critical yet largely neglected ratings component.

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Group Critique 7: Spring 2016

The spring quarter group critique will help you grow with evaluations of play-by-play and sports talk. PBP evaluations include basketball, baseball, and football.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A great example of conveying drama in baseball PBP
  • How long you have to catch a listener’s attention in sports talk
  • A crucial editing tip for demos (PBP or sports talk)
  • When to reference the shot clock
  • Why you need to include uncut segments on your demo


Group Critique 5: Fall 2015

We’ve got another all-radio critique session for the fall quarter. Pour yourself a glass of Kool-Aid and listen in while Jon reviews baseball, hockey, sports talk, and basketball.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How long to “let it breathe”
  • The importance of using inflection in your delivery
  • How to add more punch to a sports talk segment
  • The one description you should never use in basketball PBP
  • An example of outstanding broadcast vocabulary


Group Critique 4: Summer 2015

It’s an all-radio critique session this quarter! Jon reviews baseball, basketball, sports talk, and football.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to find a balance between tracking on-field action and adding superlative info
  • How to get pristine audio quality for your demos
  • Why you need to vary your energy level
  • A professional way to call out bad officiating
  • Why you need to be consistent in identifying pitch type and location
  • A great example of making sports talk relatable


Interview: John Hanson, 610 Sports Radio

John Hanson, Program Director at 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City, shares why the first segment of your show should dive deep into one topic, how aggression is the key to making the jump from a small market to a large market, how he defines sportscasting success, the most important non-broadcasting trait, and more.


Group Critique 3: Spring 2015

In the radio section Jon covers basketball, baseball and sports talk. In the TV section Jon reviews soccer play-by-play, an on-camera open, and a sports package.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The importance of varying your vocabulary
  • The number one critique on play-by-play demos
  • Being specific in basketball about which team has possession
  • Why you need to should be avoiding getting deep into Xs and Os in sports talk
  • The dangers of overusing favorite phrases