Live Chat [Replay]: Keys to NFL-Caliber Football Play-by-Play

Learn the keys to NFL-caliber football play-by-play. If you want to advance your football play-by-play career from high schools to college, from small college to major college, or from major college to the NFL, this live chat will provide you the game plan for how to do it. You’ll also hear samples demonstrating how to best execute a variety of techniques.


Group Critique 4: Summer 2015

It’s an all-radio critique session this quarter! Jon reviews baseball, basketball, sports talk, and football.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to find a balance between tracking on-field action and adding superlative info
  • How to get pristine audio quality for your demos
  • Why you need to vary your energy level
  • A professional way to call out bad officiating
  • Why you need to be consistent in identifying pitch type and location
  • A great example of making sports talk relatable


Interview: Joe Davis, ESPN

One of the fast-risers in the TV sportscasting industry is ESPN play-by-play voice Joe Davis, a 2010 graduate of Beloit College in Wisconsin. In this STAA interview, Joe shares how he achieved his rapid rise to ESPN, tips on working with and without a color commentator, and advice for young broadcasters on how to network for a successful career. (Note: Joe Davis is now with CBS)