Group Critique 37: February 2020

The audio features basketball, football and softball.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to help a nasally voice and bring out your bass
  • A common mistake that will cause you to fall behind in your play-by-play call
  • When to ignore the shot clock and when referring to it becomes mandatory
  • How to add texture to your delivery and why it’s important
  • How to find your third gear for play-by-play
  • A common phrase used in radio that should not be used on TV
  • Examples of why it’s important to keep your comments brief
  • Advice for when you are broadcasting without an analyst


Group Critique 30: July 2019

We have audio and video this month. The audio features basketball, baseball and softball. The video includes football and, for the first time ever, auto racing!

Among the things you’ll learn . . .

  • When it’s okay to use players’ first and last names in basketball . . . and when it should be avoided.
  • The piece of information that is even more important to give consistently than time and score.
  • A quick and easy way to immediately elevate the energy in your broadcasts.
  • How to make listeners who don’t care about either team still care about your broadcast.
  • The definition of a great home run call.
  • When to share stories during your baseball broadcasts.
  • When to leave the previous play and turn your attention to the next one.
  • The recurring instance in a football broadcast when you should say nothing.
  • How to borrow from other sportscasters without being obvious.